Happy Mother’s Day!

A beautiful poem dedicated to a beautiful woman.


You brought me into this world 15 years ago,

With every step and thud watched as I grow

Into a person, your daughter

And you, responsible for it all, my mother,

Let me fall and taught me to get up,

My body from the ground to push up.

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A warrior in me

I wish I could live in a world,

Where catcalls and lewd comments aren’t hurled;

 Where the lines of decency aren’t blurred;

Where my thoughts and opinions are heard.

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Pop! goes the weasel…

The sputtering of an engine was the only thing that could be heard besides the howl of wolves as she drove to her house. Always one to sneak out in the middle of the night for a mini road-trip, Alex found her car running out of gas. Expletives zoomed around in her head as she groaned. “Oh come on! Don’t stop now!” . The Ford Fiesta paid no attention to her pleading as it gave one last wheeze and died in the middle of the road. With her fingers wrapped around the steering wheel, she sighed and leaned back into the seat. The next thing that could be heard was the slam of a door, the clanking of something metal and loud cursing. Continue reading “Pop! goes the weasel…”


On the morning of the 2nd of November, the Ernakulum Express was filled with people of different ages and different backgrounds but all with the same goal – find a seat (preferably a window seat) and get off at the right station. The commuters were pushing past each other, sweating and grumbling as they tried to find a seat. No one noticed a boy of 10, staring out of a window, who was travelling by himself. His messy, ruffled hair fell on his heart-shaped face , hiding his dark eyes which were brimming with tears. His clothes were crumpled and dirty as if he had been rolling around in a pit of wet, slushy mud. A faint scar could be seen on his cheek which was the result of a fall from his bed when he was 2. He was oblivious to the world around him, too lost in his despair as his mind started playing back the events of his life so far, like a movie projector… Continue reading “Unwanted”

Not every illness is visible…

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I posted and I’m sorry about that. This post is about something important. Something scary. Something we tend to shun. But at the same time, it’s something we need to talk about. I’m talking about mental health. Continue reading “Not every illness is visible…”